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You don’t have to be in a hedge fund or follow some stock guru’s “secrets” to build a successful portfolio. There’s no trick, just tried-and-true strategies based on solid research into the real intrinsic value of stocks before everyone else knows about them. It takes a little know-how and a lot of time—and that’s where we come in.

For seven years our founders’ have created portfolios with amazing and consistent 10X performance. Now we’re here to share that with you.

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Our Mission

We started StockDweebs during the crash of the pandemic with the goal of helping a wide base of struggling people with our knowledge and expertise. With more small investors jumping into the stock market to take control of their own finances, we saw a need for education and help demystifying an often opaque industry. We’re not here to “take down” Wall Street, we’re here to help you take advantage of it.

Our Values


What we learn, we share. What we practice, we preach. It’s as easy as that.


There’s already enough double-talk and obfuscation in the industry.


You do need some financial and market literacy, but we focus on easy-to-understand investing advice.

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Our methodology

Discover How Bottom-up Analysis Leads to Better Returns

Financial Ratios

We examine the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, the current ratio, the return on equity, and net profit margin to get a solid understanding of true financial value within a company, compared to wild speculation based on momentary stock momentum alone.

Earnings Growth

We look at the tangible earnings growth, the future expected earnings, and the revenue and sales growth of companies to help round out the picture of what its stock will do down the line.

Financial Statements

We pour over important public records like the company’s balance sheet, their income statements, and their cash flow statements. This helps us avoid false positives and getting caught up in long-term losers.

Free Cash Flow

We look at the cash flow and available liquid capital a company generates to determine how well they can fund their operations without adding more debt. The ability to secure VC funding whose valuation can’t be realized doesn’t translate to stable growth.


The people are what make the company. We look at the leadership and performance of the company’s management team, and their past performance as well, to make calls on how well the ship will be steered.

Products & Market

Finally, we analyze the company’s products, their market share, and their potential to dominate their market to see if they’re likely to continue holding their position over time as challengers come out of the woodwork.